Australia 108


Australia 108

- Southbank

Australia 108

December 2020

Prolac worked with Multiplex to complete the tallest residential building in the southern hemisphere, Australia 108.

Spanning over a 3 and a half year period the initiative and organisation of our team completed the large-scale works to this skyscraper. This included painting to 1,105 apartments, lavish communal areas, wallpaper, painting to the heritage facade and line marking to the 558 car parks within basement areas.

In completing the works, the Prolac factory was also utilised to effectively save time whilst ensuring a higher-quality finish to the doors. Services for other trades were also completed in the factory, such as 2pac painting to joinery, clear coating to Timber Veneer Entry Doors for the carpenter and painting to feature timber battens.

When the Finish Matters.