Factory Finishes

Factory Finishes

Factory finishes

Prolac’s 2pac Factory offers prompt spray painting services with our state-of-the-art equipment to support any project size.

We provide a full range of finishes in 2pac and single pac: satin, metallic pearls, gloss and clear lacquer finishes and staining.


  • 2pac painting (all sheen levels & specialty finishes)
  • Timber staining & clear finishes
  • Joinery, doors & frames, moulded doors, skirting, shopfitting, kitchens and panels
  • Painting to glass, splashbacks and windows
  • Undercoating to doors delivered to site

Our process

We are here to make the experience of your next painting project easy. We will help you select the best option and product to achieve a truly beautiful and long lasting finish.

How our factory supports on site

Prolac has partnered with national developers to deliver multi-storey projects by combining the two divisions and supplying undercoated doors prior to installation on site. This process results in cost and time saving for the contractor and ensures a better-quality finish.

Our team works with the carpenter to have the doors delivered to our factory where they are prepared and painted with their first coat, this allows for multiple levels to be completed at once.

Once complete, they are delivered to site where they can be stored until needed for installation.
This process removes any sequencing issues the contractor can face, as our expert team ensures there are always doors on site ready to be installed when required.


“Highly organised painters, who provide quality finishes all whilst meeting tight deadlines to ensure Project completion.”
Rob Galle
“Great painters and organisation, they are easy to work with and provide a professional service. Would recommend for any project.”
Ben Jackson

When the Finish Matters.